Photographer Vincent DiLeo

My photographic images are created by combining photographs and sometimes scanned objects together to create a photomontage. I use multiple layers of photographs and blend the colors and images into one.  The creative possibilities are endless.

The creation of art with my camera has a deeply personal meaning for me. In my digital darkroom I alter the images to create one of a kind photographs that push the boundaries of what is real and surreal. My goal is to bring the viewer to a place they have never been before by creating images that depart from reality.

I discovered photography at an early age during high school. It was an incredible stroke of luck for me to land a part time job as a photographer for a local newspaper.  At that time my focus was photo journalism and this one event sparked my passion for taking pictures that has lasted an entire lifetime.

As I pursued a career in photography and traveled to far off places, I started photographing landscapes more often. After studying the works of great photographers such as Ansel Adams, I noticed a change in how I perceived light. Embracing this change I worked at being able to recognize exceptional lighting conditions for capturing unique photographs. As time passed and I honed these skills, it became a natural part of the way I see the world.

Today, with all the new technical innovations, I rarely miss a photo opportunity. I always have a camera with me and I'm still amazed at the quality of the images that are taken with my little Apple IPhone. The digital darkroom that I now use is far different than the developer and fixer I mixed in photo trays. Photoshop and my scanner have now become my primary darkroom tools. With these creative programs I experiment frequently and try to create unique images that go beyond what I can see. I'm always searching for the best light for my subject, but now I have the ability to enhance and color the light to create images that have more dramatic impact.

About The Process

The process I use to create a photomontage is constantly changing. As technology changes and I explore new ways to create art, I try to adapt. The use of Adobe Photoshop is probably my only constant. It is a complex program that is difficult to master. In 2013 I started using Adobe Illustrator to help create my images.  It is also a challenging program to learn.  These are some of the tools that I use in my digital darkroom.

My Dreamscapes collection started from a vivid dream I had after the British Petroleum Oil spill in 2010. After listening to numerous news reports about this environmental disaster, I started dreaming of seagulls drenched in oil and transmission fluid. I wondered if I could turn these dreams into photographs. 

When I have a dream that I think I can turn into a photograph I immediately write it down and then sketch out a rough drawing. 

The lucid dream of being able to levitate my body and float up into the sky is one I have had often.  To create this dream I start with a rough drawing. I then determine the approximate height I would be at in the scene and the position of the sun during the time of day that I took the background photograph.  

In order to give the image a realistic look, the people in the photograph needed to be photographed at the same approximate time that I shot the background photo. The background photo was shot at the Carson Desert in Reno Nevada and the people were photographed from the top of my garage roof.

I embrace the digital age, but sometimes grow weary of the hustle & bustle of our high technology society. This has led to a new series of photomontages that I call “A Simpler Time”  

In this new series I start with a vintage photograph.  Choosing the right antique photograph is the most important step in the entire process.  I look for photos that I can relate to in some way, and an image that is strong enough to hold my attention throughout the entire creative process.  The next step is to scan the antique photo and select all the photographs that will be used in the scene. Many of my own images are used in this photomontage, and I sometimes scan small objects such as a toy fish to also use in my photo. Creating these fantasy worlds can sometimes take as long as several months to finish.



About The Fine Art Prints

Photographs Printed On Canvas

Much care is taken in the shooting, preparation and printing of these fine art photographs. The prints are created with a state-of-the-art inkjet printer using archival pigmented inks.

These printers are capable of reproducing fine detail and rich saturated colors. They are said to last over 100 years. Each print is signed in pencil on the front or on the back of the print. All canvas prints are signed on the back. These are all limited edition prints and each are numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. There are only 25 canvas prints made in each edition.

My prints can be custom made to order in just about any size. The most popular sizes are 24x24 and 20x30 done on canvas. These contemporary  art photographs are mounted on solid faced birch wood. The frame has been sealed and protected before the canvas is stretched and gallery wrapped around  it. After the canvas is stretched one final coat is sprayed on to seal and protect it.

This type of frame gives a solid protective back for your canvas fine art print. I find these solid centered frames much more durable than the soft centered canvas wrap that we most often see. These canvas wrapped prints are ready to hang on your wall.



HighHand Gallery
Loomis, CA

The DiLeo Gallery
Auburn, CA

Current Exhibitions

North Auburn Art Studios Tour
May 13-14, 2017

The Gallery At 48 Natoma
48 Natoma Street
Folsom, CA
May 19, 2017 - July 6, 2017


                                    Past Exhibitions

California State Fair
2016 - Enjoying The Day
Award of Merit

California State Fair
2015 - Ghost Ship  
Award of Excellence

BlueLine Gallery
Roseville, CA

Placer Arts Gallery
Auburn, CA

North Auburn Art Studios Tour
Auburn, CA 

Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival
Los Altos, CA

Los Gatos Fiesta De Arts
Los Gatos, CA

Delta Art show
Clarksburg, CA

Where To Purchase

Most of my work is sold through Art Galleries. I have special shows throughout the year at my home gallery located in Auburn, California.  My work is also sold at The High Hand Art Gallery in Loomis, California.  Check out my news page for my upcoming shows.  


I can make a variety of different size canvas and traditional prints. For more information on any of my work please email.