Turn Your Lucid Dreams Into A Photograph


Have you had any dreams of flying?

  My Dream Of Flying

My Dream Of Flying

I’ve had dreams of flying  since I was a child. Recently, I decided to turn this lucid dream into a photograph. The dream I chose is one where I hover in the sky and encourage my friends to spread their arms and fly with me.

In this lucid dream I float up to the sky. As my friends watch in disbelief, I encourage them to spread their arms and fly with me.


How to turn a lucid dream into a photograph?

Having a background in commercial photography came in handy for this project, and using photoshop instead of the traditional photo lab made everything much easier. The first thing I needed to recreate my lucid dream was a location. It was clear in my dream what the location looked like, however it wasn’t easy to find it. For weeks I searched my mind for the perfect location and came up empty.

One day while traveling to Reno with my wife we decided to take a side trip to the Carson Desert to visit the Grimes Point Archeological area located near the town of Fallon, Nevada. We hiked up the trail to see the Hidden Caves. As we meandered up the trail to the beautiful rock formations, I turned around to photograph the vast Carson Desert from a higher vantage point. I knew at that moment that I had found the perfect location to recreate my dream.

The next challenge was to photograph my friends at the same location in the Carson Desert. I doubted that I would be able to persuade them to take the time off and travel to the hot desert in the middle of summer. What I did instead was to have a party.

I invited my friends over for pizza. At about 1 p.m. I asked them if they would pose for a photograph. I explained that all I needed was for each of them to stand in my driveway with their arms spread wide as if trying to fly. They all agreed but gave me a very strange look. I preceded to climb on the roof of my garage with my camera.

The timing was very important. I was trying to duplicate the same lighting I experienced in the Carson Desert. Lucky for me the sun was shining bright. Another consideration was the angle of the shot. I had calculated that my garage roof was about the same angle that I needed for the photograph. While on the roof I instructed my friends to spread their arms as if they were flying. It took a few shots to get some realistic posing, but I got exactly what I needed to recreate my dreamscape photograph.