Collecting Art

As an artist I never thought of myself as an art collector. I thought collecting art was reserved for the very wealthy. In 2011 I began collecting art and found that you don’t have to be a millionaire to start collecting art.

It started with a telephone call from a friend Jon Rife who has been an artist for many years. His abstract art has always appealed to me, but I always found an excuse not to buy. This time I told him I would purchase one of his pieces.

It seems that I never get tired of admiring this one piece of art that now hangs on my wall in my living room. I am so glad that I decided to purchase this art. It brightens my day each time I look at it.


Three Tips To Collecting Art

  1. Trust your gut feeling—If the art grabs you immediately—don’t ignore it—embrace it. Simply buy art because you like it and it moves you.
  2. Buy emerging artists work. These artists who are early in their career may have the potential to become very well known artists. You may find that you purchased a masterpiece.
  3. The internet is a great way to find emerging artists at reasonable prices. There are many online galleries. Here are two: Xanadu Gallery and ArtsyHome .

My wife has learned the benefits of collecting art long before I did. She has been collecting art for many years. She buys affordable art from various artists and surrounds herself with art that makes her smile. Many of these emerging artists are not famous but who knows, one day they may be.

How To Find Art That You Like

If you find an artist that you like at an online gallery but are not sure about buying, here is a suggestion. Call or email the online gallery and find out what their return policy is. Most of these galleries will be very accommodating.

Many artists list on their web sites art shows where they will be showing and selling their work. There are plenty of art shows and open art studio tours in every city. Spend a day visiting local galleries or art museums. In the area where I live I would suggest The Blue Line Gallery in Roseville and the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Good luck and I hope you find many great pieces of art for your collection.