Protecting The Homestead

I’m sitting here listening to Billie Holiday, one of my favorite jazz singers. I get inspired by listening to songs from the past, while I delve into my next creation.

Recently in an antique store, I found an old vintage photograph with a group of frontiersmen from the early 1800.s. Back then you needed to be perfectly still while posing for those long exposures that were taken with large box cameras.

In the photograph one man with a rifle in his hands caught my eye. I scanned the photo and separated him from the group. He was going to be the subject of my next vintage photomontage. 

A few years ago, I had taken a road trip back into the hills of the Sierra’s to a ghost town called Washington. Traveling down an old dirt road we came across an old miner’s cabin where I took plenty of photos. The old cabin seemed to be the perfect place for my frontiersman.

 Title: Protecting The Homestead

Title: Protecting The Homestead